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The Social Self Podcast

Cassie Widders

Can you have a healthy relationship with social media? And if so, how do people do it? Social media has become a big part of our lives, but what does this mean for the way we communicate and identify with ourselves and others? What does this mean for our mental health? Join me, Cassie Widders, a Social Media Strategist on my never-ending quest to discover how we can be more intentional with our time online, and how we can have a healthier relationship with social media. I talk all things tech and culture to ask ‘are our lives online benefitting us or harming us?’On The Social Self podcast, I’ll use all my experience in the industry, as well as chat to creators and business owners, experts from tech, academia, and more to explore how our lives online are benefiting us, and harming us. You’ll hear stories from both ends of the spectrum when it comes to people’s experiences online, from topics as diverse as mental health, cancel culture, creativity, and making a living online. So if you’d like to hear honest conversations about social media and culture and what the internet is doing to us, and explore ways we can be on social media in a positive and productive way, join me every Tuesday on wherever you’re listening, and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!